Stock Market Predictions: Hindsight is 20/20. Foresight Isn’t.

December 9, 2019 Author: Tess Downing, MBA, CFP®, Complete View Financial

Complete View Financial

Stock Market Predictions For 2019

History has shown there’s no compelling or dependable way to forecast stock and bond movements, and 2019 was a case in point. Neither the mainstream prognostications nor the hindsight of recent strong performance predicted outcomes in 2019. Stock market predictions this past year didn’t end up how they expected.

Rather than basing investment decisions on predictions of which way debt or equity markets are headed, a wiser strategy may be to hold a range of investments that focus on systematic and robust drivers of potential returns. Investors who were broadly diversified across asset classes and around the globe were in a position to potentially enjoy the returns that the markets delivered thus far in 2019. Last year, this year, next year—that approach

is a timeless one. It’s a reminder that the prediction game can be a losing one for investors.

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Hindsight Is 2020. Foresight Isn’t.