What We Offer

We are a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm serving clients, who are either retired or nearing retirement, located in San Antonio, Texas, and across the United States.

We combine all of these financial planning and investment elements to create a complete view of your financial life.




Partner With a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

We have met the education, experience, and ethical standards, and have made a commitment to CFP Board.

Stay Organized

Have a plan and stick to it.

Meet Goals

Savings and spending made clear.

More Time for You

Life is busy. Work with a financial advisor that puts you on the right track and provides peace of mind.

Plan Properly

Protect yourself. Protect your family.

Invest Wisely

Build a solid portfolio for growth.

Defined Approach

Financial planning is a process and not a product. We want to build a close ongoing relationship with you through regular communication. While we have at least two meetings per year for ongoing clients, we aim to be ready to answer your questions when life happens.

Realtime Access

We provide you with access to all your important financial information and portfolio details through secure online portals so you can view and track your net worth, investment holdings, transactions, and other financial goals and details. 

Investment Management

We also provide ongoing discretionary investment management. We custody assets at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. We believe in providing our clients with access to the markets in a diversified, low-cost approach that is appropriate for your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Transparent Fees

Our fees are based upon the complexity of the client’s situation and the total assets advised upon. Complete View Financial fees are billed quarterly. The minimum annual fee is $7,500 for financial planning and investment management.

We aim to create a complete and clear view of your financial world.  We want to partner with you in your retirement journey by helping you set financial goals and empowering you with the financial knowledge you need for success through transparent and honest guidance.




Free Initial Consultation

A mutual fit is important to us. We want to take time to learn more about you and your financial goals. Finding the right financial planner is important so that you can retire confidently, live better and leave a legacy. This session is a great opportunity to learn more and get your questions answered.  


Image for Free Initial Consultation


Officially Engage in a Financial Planning Relationship

After our initial consultation, we will work together to prepare your engagement agreement and the fee schedule. Once the fee schedule has been determined and the engagement agreement has been signed, we can get started! 
Image for Officially Engage


Prepare and Gather

As we start to dive into your financial overview, it is important to have a complete view of your current financial landscape. We will work with you to securely collect your financial information for evaluation and analysis.
Image for Get Organized


Financial Summary Presentation

After our evaluation and analysis of your current financial overview, we will walk you through your Financial Summary. This Financial Summary highlights key insights, that equip us for our conversation to better understand your goals, concerns, and desires for the near future as well as for long-term planning.
Image for Financial Summary Presentation


Recommendations, Financial Projects Proposed and Prioritized

Based on your financial summary, the conversation will result in your financial planner creating a list of actionable steps to create a positive change. The recommendations will include financial projects proposed and prioritized that are customized to your specific goals, concerns, and desires as a pre-retiree or retiree. 
Image for Recommend


Project Implementation and Follow-Up

With your approval of the proposed financial plan, we will provide you with professional guidance, as we confidently implement and complete the identified projects. We will follow up with you along the way to provide an update on your financial situation and your progress. 
Image for Implement


Ongoing Analysis and Service

Once your customized financial plan is put in place, we monitor your progress. We wholeheartedly believe that financial planning is a process that requires ongoing analysis and service. We ensure that we are making progress toward your specific projects and goals.



Image for Ongoing Analysis and Service

We bring to our relationship

Partner With a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

We have met the education, experience, and ethical standards, and have made a commitment to CFP Board.


We provide our clients with advice backed by over a decade of best-in-industry experience.

Latest Technology

We utilize industry-leading technology to allow our clients to access their plans in real time.

Fee-Only Pricing

We have easy-to-understand fee-only pricing. No commissions. No product sales. Just simple straightforward pricing.

Fiduciary Standard

We must put your financial interest above our own.

Independent Advice

We independently recommend suitable financial strategies and products from the whole of the market.

Comprehensive View

We base recommendations on your cash flow, retirement planning, risk management, investment management, tax management, and estate planning.

Location Independent

Our location is entirely independent of where you happen to be and we can work virtually.

Complete View Financial San Antonio

Let's plan your road to financial success using our free online tool. 




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