Teaching Kids About Money And Why It’s Important

November 15, 2019 Author: Tess Downing, MBA, CFP®, Complete View Financial

Complete View Financial

I often get asked by my clients and friends what book I would recommend for teaching kids about money. Raising Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey, in my opinion, is one of the best books out there. Here is the Amazon link to learn more:

Around the age of 5, the education process begins and it is broken down into various stages by age. All of the stages focus on these main topics:

  1. How to save
  2. How to keep track of money
  3. How to get paid what you are worth
  4. How to spend wisely
  5. How to talk about money
  6. How to live on a budget
  7. How to invest
  8. How to exercise the entrepreneurial spirit
  9. How to handle credit
  10. How to use money to change the world

Financial education is not well taught in schools today and it is imperative that parents step-up and take the lead with their children. If you would like to raise financially aware and prepared children, start the process when they are young!

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